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We went for Indosing-mums Lebaran celebration lunch in Tampines, hosted by Ellen and Wiwie. And the food, oh the food, was so very good, ranging from the traditional lebaran dishes such as opor and sambel goreng ati, to pempek, es campur, lotek, and mi baso. Fabulous! Noe also met his future girlfriend, Kinara binti Nico.

But then Noe fell down at the play ground because he was too excited to be in a new place, but too tired (because he hasn't had his afternoon nap). Noe fell and landed on his lips. There were some minor tears in his lips but with lots of blood. He cried and cried unconsolably, poor thing. Breastfeeding did help to reduce the pain, but only a little. After the bleeding stopped, his lips sweeled three times from the original size. He ended up with jontor lips. Jontor is an indonesian word for big lips that protrude far forward.

Photos courtesy of Judhi Prasetyo


duhhhhh...kesian cep

duhhhhh...kesian cep noe..semoga cepet ilang ya jontornya..bisa kedib-kediban mata lagi sama kinara :)

waduh ...

waduh bibirnya beneran jontor dalam arti yg sesungguhnya! Aku pikir tadi si kecil njulurin lidah ternyata...cepet sembuh yah dek.

ps; it's been fun to explore this website. :)

ya ampun

ya ampun kasian noe, cepet sembuh ya bibir jontornya

yak ampun...

Aseli jontornya gede banget. Ngeliat fotonya aja jadi ngilu sendiri. Cepet kempes yah jontornya Noe...


doh, kaciaaan. bengkaknya gede banget ya? semoga cepet sembuh ya noe...

fotografernya tega deh ih..

fotografernya tega deh ih..

Noe..bagaimana sekarang?

waktu baca kalau Noe jontor,... wah jadi sedih bgt dech. Bayanganku pokoknya kalau sudah sampai jontor itu parah sekali. Kasihan Noe, semoga cepet sembuh ya. Bagaimana keadaannya sekarang?

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