My Hip Hoppin' Uncle: Oka Wisnupada Antara

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My uncle Oka Wisnupada Antara's music video is on YouTube. Let's see if he got more hit than My Cubicle. As of today I got 170,000+ hits for both karaoke/non-karaoke versions. I bet this video below will hit 1 million in no time. Wanna bet?

Oka has been living in Singapore since September, and pursuing his Master's degree in finance at an Australian-based school. but I still have not seen him since he arrived. Have you?


I haven't seen him... but

I haven't seen him... but hey, while he's in Singapore, you both should collaborate on shooting another music video project.

THE oka?

i think ive seen him on TV before xD

so he is actually your uncle? wew, looks so young O_o


Punten ah, komennya pake bahasa Indonesia. Boleh kan? Beneran nih Oka ini 'kakek'nya Noe? Videonya keren buanget. Siapa sutradaranya?

eh your uncle is good

eh your uncle is good looking =) but why does he sing like an american?

Kenapa spt Orang Amerika?

Karena dia dibesarkan di New York City.

Judulnya apa yah?

Aku baru liat di Tv kemaren, di film "Gw kapok jatuh cinta". Cool, lagunya jg easy listening. Boleh tau judulnya apa? Pengen punya soalnya. Makasih..

Assalamualaikum w.r.b..

Dear Stranger,

I thank you foremost for this space i could write my piece for your uncle. my wish is for my words.. my humble yet most sincere of words to grace his eyes. InsyaAllah.

A short note to Mr Oka Antara:-

What resemblance you have to another stranger i have pinned for. Such delicate features.. even more delicate a smile. My pinning has somewhat been eased. Syukran.

My first awe for you dates just weeks prior, on the big screen in my homeland Singapore. Syaiful was your character.. a character brought to life by your effortless flair. My dreamy gaze as you were featured.. sigh.. these cheeks flush by the mere thought of then.

You act well Mr Oka. Applause.. nay.. you deserve much more. It was my first Bahasa movie. My first welcome to Indonesian reel. i watched in full anticipation.. and full of tears.

Alas.. trickle few of those tears bore memoirs.. because you Mr Oka.. strikes a familiar chord to someone i used to call.. love.

Yours Sincerely,
Amber Nur

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