14 December: Los Angeles to Mexico City

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Our Impression of Mexico Megacity

When descending to Mexico City, a land at 2500m above sea level, we saw the city light from above, which was very very very beautiful. Too bad we didn’t have camera ready. We won’t be seeing this beautiful sight again. Such glitters are unique to this city of 23 million!

We arrived at dawn in Mexico City. The immigration officer talked really fast, somehow I felt that the effort I made in learning Spanish has been futile.

When we took our luggage we found out that Noe’s pack of diapers was torn up. But amazingly the officer returned the scattered diapers into the conveyor belt.

After clearing out the Douana we met Carlos Peralta! He is such a crazy gringo loco who is very skinny and eccentric. He told us a lot of story about when he was in Indonesia and traveling around the world learning arts, including glass blowing art. Carlos stayed with Indi’s family in Jakarta from 1992 to 1993 and has kept his Indonesian lingo polished since then.

We were amazed on how clean Mexico City is. Definitely much cleaner compared to Jakarta (Indi calls Jakarta a big dumpster!). Everywhere you see, there were signages on the walls, most of them are hand painted with vivid colours and rustic in appearance.

We also had a taste of how Mexican drives, which is very… daring but polite.

To Cuernavaca

We drove for 90 minutes (or 60km) to Cuernavaca, a hillside town at the southern outskirt of Mexico City in the province of Morales. This is the town made famous by the Zapata.

We arrived at hotel Las Rosas, a bungalow styled accomodation at the main road of Cuernavaca.

It is owned by Lupita who is a friend of Carlos’ family. She speaks English very well and was very hospitable. Lupita informed us that the Mexico City airport was closed at seven due to fog. We were lucky to arrive before that.

Then we gave Carlos the Batik shirt from Ibu.

Mexican Breakfast and to Cathedral

We had a shower and washed our clothes before taking off to have breakfast at the main square. We went to this alfresco café and had Mexican breakfast. I had Asada something with Mole and Tortilla. Noe had rice. Indi had enchiladas made extra spicy. The food were served with green and red salsa. I thought salsa were like the bottled salsa that we could find in Singapore, but no, we were wrong! Salsa were just like sambel ulek, finely ground and juicy. It’s just more tangy and less spicy than sambel, but equally hot! It adds the oomph to the delicious food.

When we were having breakfast, a football match was screened on TV. Noe chose to watch the match and claps hands accordingly. He was so cute!

After such a great big breakfast, we continued to the cathedral to take photos. Carlos told us about the history of the place. How the natives (Aztecs) were forced to pray outside the cathedral. They are forced to convert to Catholicism.

Noe was really happy in the cathedral compound. He could run around as much as he likes.

We then took a walk around the area (a bit touristy for us). It is a pleasant walk. Again, we saw how the city is very clean, despite having a lot of poor people and despite having such a narrow sidewalk. I can’t understand why Indonesians are so difficult to be clean.

We returned to the hotel at 3 pm and took a nap until dinner time.

Pozole Dinner

After siesta, we drove to downtown again for dinner at this great place called El Barco. They are selling Pozole, which is soup from Aztec origin, served in clay bowls and wooden spoon. Originally this meal was served for Aztec kings, which contained human heart and brain especially made for the king. Today it was made either from chicken, meat, or tongue, and was served in three style: white (no chili), red (red chili), or green (green chili).

We called it Mexican Soto because it was served just like soto. The soup is steaming hot, containing meat pieces and corn pieces and topped with avocado slices. The corn did not look like corn at all, but rather, like some kind of vegetable. Carlos told us that the corn is just like pop corn, but are popped inside boiling water thus making it soft like noodle. Then we mixed in onion, lettuce, and radish and sprinkle oregano to our liking. It is really fresh and great tasting. The waiter told us that the broth is cooked for eight hours on top of small fire. I really had to learn how to cook this! Even Noe loved it.

We drank local Mexican Cerveza that is reputedly much better than Corona. I had a black one. Noe drank cold sweet flower tea from local flower. Indi tried the Montejo, which was supposed to be less popular than Modelo.

The waiter asked where we are from. He thought that we were from Philippines. But when we said that we’re Indonesian, he immediately said: Tsunami! We had to say that the Tsunami es muy lejos.

After dinner we took a walk around the city. We bought some hotdog with fries for Noe later if he’s hungry. On top of the hotdog place there is a dance school which teaches salsa.

Then we went to pharmacy to buy some more stuff such as moisturizer and the like.

Then we walked towards the park, passing by the castle. Carlos told us about the conquest history, and how the castle was built on top of the Aztec temple.

Under the bridge there is a taco seller, so we bought taco with rice which was very warm and nice. Noe likes it so much. But since Noe did not want to finish it, we gave it away to a boy who was asking for it. He looked like an Aztec and very poor. I told Noe that I had to give it away for someone who needed it more than he did.

Then we walked through the park.

We ended at a small market by the park which sells all kinds of food, from hot dog, to boiled corn, and juices.

Apparently Mexicans like to drink fresh juice. So we ordered one, for 15 pesos (2 SGD) we got like one liter of juice. Carlos bought a alfalfa orange juice, while Yodhi bought cactus-pinapple-orange combination. Yodhi was told that it has potential to cure diabetes.

We came home and put Noe to bed, while the Yodhi and Carlos were watching Victoria’s Secrets live show from Argentina. Single boys love things lidat!


Selamat menikmati suasana Mexico

Hi Indi, Rani (dan Noe -- dah bisa baca belon? Jangan2 udah bisa ngeblog pulak..., gawat :P).

Nice to meet you in Mexico City. Gara2 blogwalking, gw jadi tau blog loe, dan sesekali gw jabanin. Dan gara2 blog loe, gw jadi langsung bisa mengenali loe pas ketemu di Mexico City. Itu buktinya loe dah masuk status seleb. Hi hi (selamat bergabung dengan seleb2 kita seperti: Maria Eva, Rhoma Irama, dkk). Selamat-selamat.... :D

Gw cuma mau bilang, selamat menikmati kunjungan di Mexico (dan Cuba). I bet you're gonna love it. Sekarang lagi out of town ya? Kabarin gw (di email) kalau pas mau balik ke Mexico City dong.... Muga-mugi kita sempet jalan bareng.

Dah explore mana aja di Mexico City? Post foto2 yang banyak dong. Bakal sempet ke Guadalajara gak? Gw sempet sih kesana sekali, belum sempet edit & upload video-nya ke youtube. Entaran lah.


good luck ....

Best wishes for all of you guys.
Looks like you guys have a lot of fun.
Keep posting and I'll keep reading ...

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