16 December: ASEAN Bazaar and Drive to Celaya

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Morning in Mexico City

Indi took Noe on a stroll around the hood looking for Louis Barragan’s home studio but could not find it. I was mostly sleepy all morning due to jetlag.


Hector Jimenez's Venture

At about 11:30am Carlos came back and Indi answered the door. Guess who was at the door? It was Hector Jimenez from the movie Nacho Libre.


He co-starred with Jack Black and played the El Skeleton character. Yodhi’s jaw dropped and he could not believe his eyes. When Indi greeted him he simply said, “Hola, Hector! I know who you are! You don’t have to tell me! I am a great fan of Nacho Libre!”.

It took Hector exactly 10 years working in theatrical scenes before finally getting his first American featured film. Being a rookie in Hollywood scene, Hector is very down to earth. Immediately, Yodhi and Indi bombarded him with him profound questions. Hector happily shared his story about getting a contract to star with Jack Black. He said he was not doing much when a call from a Hollywood agency struck his telephone wire. A day before, we saw his 20-minute short film produced and directed by his roommate Omar Ynigo so that’s all I knew about Hector. I have not seen Nacho Libre myself but I believe Hector was a very gentle and modest person and would love to see the film on the original DVD soon. Hector just finished a film called the Epic Story to be released soon and will audition in Hollywood for a film with Kevin Spacey next week. We hope he gets the job!


Carlos has been good friend with Hector for years, ever since Hector moved to Mexico City from Tijuana following a theatre company. We are scheduled to shoot a clip of Hector doing a Luchador wrestling move on Yodhi next Tuesday. It would be fun!

ASEAN Bazaar

At lunch time, we took Hector to an ASEAN bazaar in Teatro Angela Peralta where food and handicrafts from Indonesia and some ASEAN countries are offered.

It was quite fun to see Mexican folks doing Minang and Balinese dances on stage. And the gamelan troupe also consisted of Mexican too. There were taiko drummers, too.

Noe was very confident on stage. During the speech by the Indonesian ambassador, Noe got into the Gamelan area and started to play the Gamelan. We had to pick him up to avoid making big noise during the speech.


The bazaar gave use the opportunity to meet up with the Indonesian community in Mexico. Most of them are students in Mexico and the Embassy community. The children of the embassy staff were really excited to see Hector and they asked to take photograph with him. Those children are studying in Mexican school and their Spanish was really good. We got introduced to Fitra, an anthropology student from Yogya who is married with a Mexican who studied Indonesian. Then we met Gaffar and Wida, staff from the embassy in Peru and Mexico. We also got to meet Raka, one of the faithful readers of our blog who works as software coder in Mexico and studied in ITB from 1996-2001. We also got to meet Pablo, a famous theologist from Mexico, who according to Carlos had written numerous books on world religions.

Of course we came to the bazaar to eat Indonesian food, which Carlos really missed. We bought Sate Ayam with Nasi Goreng which Noe really was enthusiastic about. We also ate papaya salad and air Bandung. The Indonesian food material had to be imported from Houston.

After the Bazaar we get back to the house to get our stuff, then we drove Hector back to his house, then continued to drive to Celaya.


The traffic in the city got really bad because it was the first day of the holiday season, and everybody was going back to their hometown. It was just like Lebaran Mudik season.

Off to Celaya

We arrived in Celaya at around 7pm, and went to Latitia’s house to pick Carlos’s brother and friend, Hector and Luis. However, they were all busy decorating and painting the house for Christmas, so we decided to just meet up the next day.

Then we arrived at Carlos’ mother, Maria Luisa Peralta, house in Celaya. It is a really nice cozy house with a lot of decoration from Indonesia, including the pillow cases that Indi’s mom gave to Maria Luisa in 1994. The wall of the house was thick made of brick and mortar with rustic finish. Carlos showed us his childhood treasures and other artworks. There was also a copy of a painting depicting how Maria Luisa is the 14th descendants of Montezuma, the Aztec emperor!

We then had dinner of creamy pasta which Carlos mum cooked. She told us about Adit, an Indonesian exchange student who spent one year in Celaya, who couldn’t speak any Spanish at all. After one year, Adit became very fluent. Similarly with Carlos, who cannot speak English and Indonesian when he came to Indonesia 15 years ago, he became very fluent just in one month.

After dinner we called off the day and rest. Tomorrow we will go sightseeing in Guanajuato and/or San Miguel de Allende.


baru baca hari ini jadi baru

baru baca hari ini jadi baru tau kalo kalian pergi ke mexico. seperti biasa ceritanya menarik dan fotonya bagus2!

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