19 December: Mexico City and Hector Jimenez Dinner

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Back to Mexico City

We woke up a bit late due to the late night party, and packed up to drive down to Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico). During breakfast I confirmed with Carlos mom about the story of the Indonesian student who did not take a bath. She confirmed it, and wondered why he behaved like that. I theorized that perhaps the student has a special religious belief that requires him to not take a bath for a long time. She doubted it, and argued that most likely he is rebelling against his rough father.

We took off to Mexico city at 1030 in the morning, and it was quite a smooth drive for two hours. But at the Satellite Town, the traffic jam began (although we think that the jam was not really bad, at least the traffic still moved). We were in the jam for another 90 minutes before arriving at Emmanuel’s home to take a rest a bit.

Taking Metro, and a Stroll around Zona Rosa

Then we took the Metro to go for a lunch at Zona Rosa. The metro was very cheap, only two pesos to go to everywhere.


We got off at the Insurgentes station and walked towards the Angel de la Independencia.

We took a lunch in a tiny Mexican restaurant. I had milanesa (a thinly cut steak fried in breaded batter) with salad and red bean, served with free flowing corn tortilla. Everything came with a soup that was really delicious. The drink was free flowing guava juice, and all for only 40 pesos per head! The tortilla was freshly made in front of us using a very interesting machine.


We walked along the Reforma boulevard towards the Angel monument, and along the boulevard there are Nacimientos, which are the diorama of birth of jesus. Nobody vandalized it.


Indi saw pedagang asongan along the boulevard.

The worker banging the concrete.

We got to the Angel monument and a person asked us to stay to watch the Nacimiento show for children.


Noe took photo with the policemen at the angel monument.


Off to Dinner at Hector Jimenez's House

Carlos picked us up at the monument and we drove off to buy cerveza and desert for dinner. Carlos bought a special black modelo cerveza that is only released during Christmas.

On the way we saw an accident where an old lady was hit by a bus and died.

We then look for the pasteleria (cake shop) near hector’s house but couldn’t find it. After several run around we finally found it.


The cake shop was really big and just like factory. The smell was really delicious.

At around 7.30 we arrived at Hector Jimenez house. He decorated the house himself, painted the walls so beautifully that it looked just like wall paper.


We chatted about Nacho Libre (again!) and also about everything that went inside our heads while drinking Noche Bueno and munching on olives with pita bread.

Noe was cranky and wanted to sleep so Rani put Noe to bed first.

Then we had Salad with blue cheese, really delicious, and pasta with aubergine.



We then watched DVD Nacho Libre's bonus sections and discuss the technicalities of the movie.


At around 11pm we went home.


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