20 December: Magical Teotihuacan

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Drive to Teotihuacan

We had to wake up early to drive to Teotihuacan.

Carlos bought a tortilla with arrachera and cheese for breakfast, it was really delicious.

On the way out of mexico we saw the recently built (about two years old) metro bus network that looks just like busway in Jakarta. They were just like in Curitiba and Jakarta, using the innermost lane (the fast lane). I have never seen the ones in Curitiba, but the ones in Mexico city was quite nicely designed. The station was built adjacent to the pedestrian crossing so there is no need to build overhead bridge to go to the stations.


Along the way to Teotihuacan we saw the lower class housing that looks a bit dusty and messy, but nevertheless still quite clean. The thing about Mexico city, I never really saw wet disgusting garbage pile and people seemed to be very conscious not to litter, not because of the harsh law but more of the sense of belonging of the city.

The ticket to the ruins was quite expensive: 45 pesos, and video cameras had to pay 30 pesos. But this is correct policy I think, if the money realy goes to preservation of the monument.

Teotihuacan, an Aztec Legacy

Carlos told us that in reality there are three parts of the city with the major axis is east west, but due to political pressure of the president who uncovered the relic, the main axis was made north south towards the moon pyramid.

The craftsmanship was incredible, and the city was really greatly designed for a pre- common era.

It was a long walk from the Ciudadela (citadel) to the pyramid of the sun.

We can still see the original mural in some part, with the original painting (pink).

We put Noe in baby bjorn and climbed 280 steps up the pyramid of the sun. Indi was very tired after carrying noe up to the peak.


The sight from the top was amazing.


On the way down, Noe was carried using a reversed baby bjorn by yodhi. It is more difficult to go down rather than going up.

We then walked around the avenue of the dead while Indi and Yodhi climb up the moon pyramid.


I breastfed by the pyramid and also at the houses of the city.

We then walked to the palace of Quetzalpapalotl.

They have amazing drainage system

Three dimensional columns.

Back in Mexico City

It was traffic jam when we got to mexico city.

Carlos needed to go to the bank and he just stopped right in front of the entrance where stop is prohibited.

We then had a lunch in a place ????
We had a huge portion of salad which were served really beautifully.

My salad was served with arrachera (my favorite) and palmito (an asparagus like vegetable that tasted like heaven).
Yodhi’s salad was with fajitas
Carlos salad was tuna.

Noe was playing with the metal box car.

After that we went home, take a shower and dozed off, even though it was just 7pm.


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