21 December: From Mexico City to Cancun

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To Zocalo

We woke up really early to make up for the lost evening of the day before. We took the metro (underground train) to go to Zocalo at 8 am in the morning. We got to see the morning rush. How I like walking in the city in the morning! People were still sleepy in the metro train, and cleaners are cleaning the city facilities. Then suddenly we heard music in the metro train, it was a lady selling mp3 CD in the train and have a tiny CD player to preview the content of the CD. The price was only 10 pesos. How entrepreneurial!

We got to Zocalo at 9 am exactly and the bells of the cathedral rang with its rich tones. Noe was chasing the birds while Indi is taking photos of the political demonstration and of the biggest flag we’ve ever seen.


From Zocalo we walked to the south towards Pino Suarez. The street was really calm and sort of deserted and the ambulantes (street peddlers) had just started to set up their stalls. We were amazed to see many policemen along the street, so we asked one policeman whether there is a special event happening. He said that nothing special is happening, they were only guarding the ambulantes area to prevent crimes such as pickpockets and all. By 9.45 the roads are full by ambulantes.

How interesting to see that even though there were street peddlers everywhere, the streets stayed relatively clean. By clean, I meant that there is no smelly wet garbage surrounded by flies. Even though the street peddlers were chaotic, they were all conscious to keep the city clean by not throwing stuff on the street (or perhaps, it’s just in the morning).



We walked towards Pino Suarez and saw a neighbourhood in Centro Historico that is dedicated in selling stationery and fabrics.

At 9.50 we arrived at Restaurante Chon where we’d like to have lunch, but it was still closed. After talking to Tirso, a staff in the restaurant, we decided to come back later. We then walked to a small square near the restaurant and had a coffee. Indi had a Capuchino while I had Americano.

We saw the shops selling paper decorations near the Café.

Museum of Mexico City


We then walked to the Museo de La Ciudad. After paying for the ticket, we saw this exciting painting exhibition and video art exhibition of the Mexican brand Boing / Pascual beating American brands like Mickey Mouse and Coca Cola.

Then we walked to the permanent exhibition where they exhibit the history of mexico city, including the daily lives of the old Tenochtitlan. The exhibition was very artistically made, and the video was nice too.

Then Indi bought some postcard from the museum’s shop, while I bought an old magazine of 1952 featuring the communist Russia.

Chon Restaurant, serving Amerindian Cuisine such as Armadillo Stew


We walked to the Chon restaurant, very hungry. We wanted to order something but everything was so expensive! So we ended only buying one dish: Armadillo served with mango sauce.



By the time we finished lunch, it was quite late. So we had to rush back home, and didn’t have the chance to go to Garibaldi Square. But we bought souvenirs, musical instruments, and traditional Mexican clothes for Noe, all for a bargain!

When we got back to the house, Carlos apologized to us that he couldn’t picked us up at Centro because he had to return his car and almost got arrested for driving in the forbidden car driving day.

Off to Cancun

At the end we went to the airport by taxi. It was really jammed that it took us more than one hour. We saw a chase done by the Mexican policemen with their big car.

We checked in and did all the formality to get into the plane, then we entered the departure area, where we had dinner.

Before take off and during taxi, I saw airplanes for the police force. There were like 3 of them, all jetplanes about the size of a Fokker 100. If I’m not wrong the title in the jetplanes are Policia Federal Mexicana.

We arrived in Cancun at 8pm and got our white rented chevy. Noe refused to sit in the baby car seat. After getting lost around cancun, we finally found the hotel that is located in the dodgy neighborhood. Nevertheless, it was a clean and relatively new hotel. The walk-in price of the hotel is more than twice of the price that is booked on line.

Then we took a shower and slept while watching latin VH1 Channel.


its a shame you consume an

its a shame you consume an animal that its endangered. restaurant chon---bad thing

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