6 January: Jibacoa Beach

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Off to Jibacoa

We all woke up late and were informed that there is a possibility of doing parachute jump over a cliff near Santa Maria. Together with Abdalla (Palestinian dentist) and Faisal (Cuba and Palestinian), we drove to Jibacoa about halfway between Habana and Varadero. It was a marvelous quiet beach with turquoise blue water and cool breeze. The only downside was that there were quite a lot of dog and horse manure scattered around the sand, so we have to be careful when we walk. The sea water was indeed so warm that you'd stay in for hours.


Eko tried to hunt for fish with his spear gun but could only find small fishes near the dead coral reef.


Some people were just swept away by the beauty of the beach.


Noe liked this sea better than varadero, perhaps because the sea is not so wavy. We made Noe swim in the sea, just like he does in the swimming pool, because the sea water is very calm.

Fresh Coconut from the Tree

About one hour before sunset we picked coconuts. At first I try to open up coconut that I found on the sand, by hitting the nut onto a piece of rock. I managed to get the sweet juice. Then everybody wanted to drink coconut water, so with the help of a security guard, we used a long stick to hoist the coconut down. It was the first experience drinking and eating fresh coconuts in Cuba! The juice was tangy and sweet, and the meat succulent.


We drove back to Habana during sunset. Eko played the Reggaeton music along the way. As soon as we arrived back home we took a shower and headed back out to get some dinner.

Dinner at Palenque

Eko took us to El Palenque, perhaps one of the best restaurants in town for grilled stuff. Indi did not order Cristal but had good jugo de naranja. The service was fast and courteous unlike most of the services we found in other parts of Cuba.

At the restaurant we also saw a corner filled with propaganda poster. At first, the propaganda poster and billboard are a new sight for us, but lately, it became a bit sickening. It's too much.

It was a long day indeed and we went straight to bed soon after.


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