7 January: Searching for Music

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Getting Souvenirs

After a long day at the beach yesterday, we decided to cool down a bit, to just walk around Miramar area. In the morning, I went with Yodhi to La Maison to find some gift and souvenirs, while Indi wanted to stay at home with Noe to sleep late.

La Maison is a shop that caters tourists, that sells imported and high-quality Cuban products. Yodhi bought several pieces of Guayaberas (Traditional shirt of Cuba), and he took his time to choose the perfect one.

Meanwhile, I tried to look for bottle of Havana Club, and the shop near La Maison has a complete collection of it. Since the opening hour of that shop is quite flexible, I restrain myself from buying the Havana Club at that moment, I wanted to do the shopping at the end of our trip.

In the afternoon Eko had to say goodbye to us because he had to go to Cayman Islands. We won't be seeing Eko anymore when we leave Cuba.


Searching fro Music

We had pizza for lunch. After lunch, we walked to Casa de la Musica to attend the matinee concert. It turned out that kids are not allowed in the Casa de la Musica, so we decided to just go to Son de la Madrugada instead. But then, the Son also didn't allow kids to go there. So we pack up dinner from the Son and go back home to have dinner. In the evening Indi and Yodhi went to the Son while I stayed back at home to accompany Noe. Later when the boys came back, they told me that the Cubans were really good singers and dancers, and they enjoyed just looking the people dancing Salsa at the Son.

When we walked from Casa de la Musica back to Miramar, we passed by Palestinian Embassy and saw a statue of Yasser Arafat in front of it.




itu yang pake kekeran si Joen namanya coy..., anaknya si Heri sama Nania tetangga kita, budenya si Josefa yang orang item gede yg tinggal di bawah tuh, pernah liat kan. Kalo ketemu kita pasti bilang chino..chino...tienes caramelo..?

ps: Noe acem deh... hehehe

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