Mex-Cuba Travelog Updated Now With Pics

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Gosh, time flies. It's now almost February. Arrgh! Anyway, we have been updating the Mexico-Cuba entries with pictures and sub-heading, just in case you wanna check them out again. Here's the quicklink:

  • Day 0: Preparation
  • Day 1: Singapore to Manila to LA
  • Day 2: LA to Mexico City to Cuernavaca
  • Day 3: Tepoztlan and Mexico City
  • Day 4: ASEAN Bazaar and Drive to Celaya
  • Day 5: Guanajuato and Celaya Christmas Fair
  • Day 6: Queretaro and Dinner Party with the Marquezes
  • Day 7: Mexico City and Dinner with Hector Jimenez "Nacho Libre"
  • Day 8: Teotihuacan
  • Day 9: Mexico City, Eating Armadillo, and fly to Cancun
  • Day 10: Meeting with Porfirio, Boatride with Fernando around Cancun Lagoon and Sea, and Yucatecan Dinner
  • Day 11: Drive to Chichen Itza
  • Day 12: Chichen Itza
  • Day 13: Drive to Tulum and Playa del Carmen, eating Mexican Seafood
  • Day 14: Chilling out at Playa del Carmen beach
  • Day 15: Morning in Playa del Carmen and Flying off to Cuba
  • Day 16: Around Varadero and Encounter with the Band "Gala"
  • Day 17: Going to Matanzas City and Varadero Beach
  • Day 18: Off to Havana, Lunch in Chinatown, Visit Capitolio, Cigar Museum, Christo Park, Habana Vieja, and Drink Mojito at Bodeguita del Medio
  • Day 19: Havana - Stroll along Malecon and New Year Party at Indonesian Ambassador's Residence
  • Day 20: Havana - Marakas Pizza Breakfast, Viewing Havana from the Top, Visit to Anti Imperialist Square, Photo with Che Guevara, and Visit to Colon Cemetery
  • Day 21: Havana - Noe's Fever and Visit to Doctor
  • Day 22: Havana - Noe's Recovery and Visit to A Park where Buena Vista Social Club was Shot
  • Day 23: Havana - Stroll around Miramar


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