Sailing on My Mind

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Boy oh boy, I cannot get my mind off sailing especially after reading about the Hacking family, whose 45 catamaran cruiser sailboat have taken them on a series of adventure.

To tell you the truth, since last week I have read 4 books related to sailing, from "hitchhike in the oceans" to "sailing on a budget".

Luckily, my friend Akhmad Faqih and I have secured two seats in the Keelboat Competent Crew course starting this weekend.

They say that once you have caught the sailing bug, you may never be able to cure it.

We'll see :)

PS: Is it "escapism" that I am about to go through? I guess not. It's just a feeling that Rani and I have that has to do with a sense of accomplishment and adventure. Who knows if we both end up living aboard a sailboat like the Hacking family. Tell us what you think.


way to go, mas indi!

thank you very much for your craziness and wanderlust.. now both of us (and our kids) share a new goal in life, that is to travel around the world. nobody is as crazy as you to set a bold goal based on passion, and that's why i marry you and that's why you're a great husband!

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