Class Afloat: Studying Aboard a Tall Ship

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Our dear friend Natasha forwarded a story about a Canadian school on a 57-metre-long traditionally rigged sailing ship called the Concordia. The program is called Class Afloat and is open for students who are about to complete their high school education.

Too bad I missed seeing the ship when was in Singapore recently on the South-east Asian sector of its journey around the world.

According to Business Times' article today:

"Since its inception in 1984, the programme has seen over 1,000 students graduate, visited over 250 ports in six continents, and logged more than 600,000 nautical miles at sea. In quantitative terms, the success of the programme may be gauged by the fact that most of these students have got into the universities and colleges of their choice and have been granted more than C$2 million (S$2.6 million) in academic scholarships."

Click here for ship details.

Well, this certainly gives more reasons why we should adopt sailing for our children, don't you think so?

If you don't think so, just look at how far they go this year alone. The best education is where students go around the world to meet people and see all different places.


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