From Vladivostok with Sail

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We are enjoying long weekend here in Singapore with 4 days off until Tuesday.

While Rani took her regular French lesson I brought Noe to visit Carpe Diem Kidz on Alexandra. We will enroll Noe there in March after Rani's business trip to Aceh starting next week.

Later we went to a simple wedding celebration of Harris and Neng in Lakeside. Good food and good company, that's almost always guaranteed when you are with IndoSingMum folks.

We later rushed to visit 3 sailboats in Raffles Marina. The French-made Lagoon 380 that we had longed to see was there but her Canadian owner was away so maybe we will come back again next time. We also visited Lagoon 500 called Margarita. Her Yacht Master Yacht Master Alexander Shatokin greeted us and let us have a look inside this 1 million dollar marvelous cat! He said it took them 12 days to sail the boat from Vladivostok (normal: 18 days) averaging above 10 knots. We learned that this boat was not the only one he skippers. He is also handling 3 other super yachts at the same time. One of them was berthed nearby and called "Long Ranger", an 81 feet luxurious motor-sailboat also from Vladivostok. It looks like the owner loves sailboat so much that he take turns using his 4 multi-million dollar cruising catamarans wherever he goes.

Afterwards, we went to see Pak Mus, the skipper for Turmalin, a very attractive 54 feet Herreschoff ketch owned by Alan and Lyn Pickering. Alan is Franck Ibanez' boss who has started chartering his boat in Singapore since September 2006. They seem to do quite well with an average of 6 charter trips per month.

Having visited Margarita, now I understand how attractive and comfortable multihulls are when compared to monohulls. Monohulls look sexy for sure but I am very much tempted to get a catamaran for my family. Who knows if one day I could save enough money to buy something like Lagoon 380.

Any suggestion?


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