Great Inspiration for Me and Rani

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After thinking hard enough, ocean cruise sailing is the kind of lifestyle Rani and I will adopt over a course of 5 years. Out of a hectic life exists a simple and joyful life propelled by the natural force of wind. And this video is just one of many inspiring stories we have discovered.

By watching this video: "Sailing on a 42' catamaran through the Bay of Islands of New Zealand", we hope you will understand what we mean by it.

Another good reason why we should adopt ocean cruise sailing is this: to reduce the dependency on fossil fuel and to help prevent global warming. If you are not convinced, Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, will make you think twice about burning fossil fuels. Sailing just the least we could do to support what Al Gore has been advocating since the mid 70s.

How do we plan to achieve this lifestyle shift? Well, one step a time. As the beginning of our long-term plan, Rani is now scheduled to take a Competent Crew lesson at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club on 3, 4 and 11 March with Derek Mazzone.

Anyone interested to join Rani at RSYC?


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