I Cannot Stop Reading Sailing Books

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Thanks to Singapore National Library! I have been bombarding myself with a wealth of sailing knowledge that I could hardly absorb in such a short time (but persistently and curiously asking for more!). It is such a blessing to be able to access great books at no cost if you are a Singapore Resident.

Here is a list of books that I have been reading for the past 2 weeks:

  • This is Sailing : a complete course / edited by Jim Saltonstall
  • This book begins with advanced techniques for racing types. Not very useful for my limited skills but the pictures really make you understand how cool it is to gybe and tack in harmony!

  • Living afloat by Clare Allcard
  • My comment: a great book for ladies who consider to accompany their spouses/partners in a yachting adventure. I am also tempted to try her method of boat schooling using "peanuts" as way to motivate your child to stay focused when learning aboard. This book will also prepare you to be mentally ready for being out there with your family (and sometimes, crews).

  • Sailing on a Budget: Moneywise Tips and Deals on Boat Purchases, Rental, Dockage, Destinations, and More by Anne M. Johnson
  • My comment: written by a woman who has crewed around the world in so many yachts for a decade a very practical. If you are a poor man like me, this is an indispensable guide for those, without deep pockets, who want to be on the open sea.

  • Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat: A Guide to Essential Features, Handling, and Gear by John Vigor
  • My comment: Written in a such eloquent style, you will be entertained by this book. Not only will you laugh a lot but you are guaranteed to have a better understanding of what it takes to prepare your boat for ocean passages. In short, buy the boat that is safe and optimally equipped to support your mission. It provides pros and cons of the way certain boat are built and designed as well as how to improve them on your own. A must have!

  • DK Complete Sailing Manual by Steve Sleight
  • My comment: This book can be a great reference to everything you need to know about sailing monohulls. However, it does not give you much information about multihulls (catamaran). Graphically awesome presentation!

  • Learn to Sail in a Weekend (Learn in a Weekend) by John Driscoll
  • My comments: When I thought I needed to start sailing using laser dinghies, this was the first book I read. Not very useful for cruising sailors but definitely inspiring and teaches you to be agile and precise in such a small boat.

  • Spurr's Guide to Upgrading Your Cruising Sailboat by Dan Spurr
  • My comments: A great Do-It-Yourself guidebook if you are ready to get your hands dirty. I am up all for it. What better way than to show you love to the boat than to work on it?

I have yet to find more books on coastal navigation and catamaran. Why catamaran, you might ask? Because I want to find out for myself if it is really the type of boat Rani and I should get when we are preparing for our alternative lifestyle in years to come.

Other than books, I have also been reading different boat reviews here on Sailing Magazine. Isn't this a great boat?

It's amazing to know that: the more I read about sailing, the more I feel I don't know about it and becoming hungrier for more info.

So, if you have any experience in sailing catamarana cruisers, please let me know.


tapi masih belum lengkap

tapi masih belum lengkap kalau belum baca "land of waters"...

NLB can be a bitch

NLB can be a bitch sometimes. take it from a Singaporean! moga2 loe gak akan jatuh sakiittt iye...

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