Ice Blink: Documentary on Cruising + Live Aboard Family

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Pardon me if I may sound like I have been so obsessed with sailing. I am doing this because sailing has been on my mind for quite a while now and just being honest with what my hands want me to type.

You can call this lifestyle of living aboard and cruising an impossible dream but I tend to see this as a great inspiration to live and learn about the world we live in together with your family. has featured this awesome story about a family's unconventional life in the seas. Care to watch the trailer? I bet you do:

Ice Blink - duration: 4:33

I can already see Frank Ibanez' family doing the same thing by the end of the year as they set sail from Singapore to France in a period of three years.

*I am going to ask Singapore National Library to buy this Ice Blink The Movie/DVD.

For those of you who may have wondered if such liveaboard families are cruising our marvelous archipelago, the answer is: YES! And hundreds of them have done it successfully!

Come check these out (surprisingly I picked the family names beginning with H) - just to name a few:


Ice Blink Available as YouTube Rental

We just want to let all our Ice Blink fans know that TheSailingChannel.TV is now a YouTube Partner which allows us to rent our documentaries. Ice Blink, and several others, are now available as YouTube rentals for just $2.99. We plan on making our entire cruising video library available for YouTube rental in the weeks ahead. Here is the URL to YouTube Documentary Rental playlist...

Best to all....

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