Addicted to "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

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I am a strong believer in "being able to laugh at yourselves as a sign of maturity". And that is the reason why I encourage all of you all to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie (especially if you are a follower of Islam).

Having been raised in a country with the largest Muslim population on earth and lived in Northern America for 9 years, I can tell you that this sitcom is being purely honest to what is going on when Islam enters a North American suburbia.

To watch, you can start here with Episode 1 Part 1:

Enjoy the show and please let me know what you think.


biasa aja...gak menarik!

biasa aja...gak menarik!

biasa matumu .. cam bisa bikin film aja ...

ngomong pake otak kao oi .. babi lah ... jgn anonymous klo berani kontol

Watch all of the rest


If you wanna watch all the episodes and seasons watch it on

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