Sailing Blue Eagle with Mas Judhi

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Yesterday we went sailing again with Derek Mazzone on his beautiful 37 feet ketch Blue Eagle from Changi Sailing Club.

Mas Judhi came with us and it was his first time sailing, too. So, he had every reason to be trigger happy and holding the lines like flying a kite!


Aboard Blue Eagle were Piotr Olszewski (NTU civil engineering professor) and his wife Barbara, and Michael Teo (ex-student of Derek in 2005 who spent 3 years travelling around Europe and Asia before joining Bloomberg).

Once we motored toward Selat Johor passed 2pm we immediately set sails mostly on broad reach and for quite a while we were travelling at 7 knots southeasterly (with heading 120-130 degrees east of north).

Even the skipper was so happy to see his boat travelling at such a speed. Here is the proud owner, Derek Mazzone:


The water was refreshing enough that we managed to show how ugly our farmer's feet were aboard this beatiful boat:


I think Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush would be happy to see this photo that Judhi took of me:


If you are interested to charter Blue Eagle for your family or business entertainment, please feel free to contact Derek Mazzone.

Click here for a complete set of photos from Blue Eagle.


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