Sailing Turmalin from Raffles Marina in Tuas

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Last Saturday we chartered Turmalin, a beautiful 54 feet ketch built in Hong Kong. Our friend Puput (who is relocating from Havana to Jakarta), my parents Hindro and Tuti, and the entire Blass-Hernandez family were aboard with us on a half-day cruise around Tuas (departing from Raffles Marina).


We departed shortly after 9:00am and had to be under power for the first hour seeking for favorable winds. It was only after 10:30am when 5 knots of wind came to push us southeasterly towards the tip of Jurong Island.

Skipper Mus and Ian were very good in handling the boat. For fun, Ian made us shoot nearby vessels with water baloons using home-made slingshot.


It was the first time sailing for Noe, my parents and Puput. I think they really enjoyed being on water although there was really not much to see in this corner of Singapore other than reclaimed land and tanker vessels on anchor. For comparison, I must say Changi, Ubin and Tekong areas are much more attractive looking for day sailing - especially if you are considering to cruise on a sunny weekend.


*If you are interested to charter Turmalin, you can contact Prometheus Marine Pte Ltd (email: The boat can handle 12 passengers plus 2/3 crew and charges about S$600 for half-day or S$1,200 for full-day.


Muchas gracias

Awesome primo...

Thankyou verymuch for your hospitality in taking care my sister while she was in your city. You are always welcome in havana hermano...
te deseo lo mejor para ti y toda tu familia.

Patria o muerte!

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