Beginning of 2nd Trimester

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Okay.. we've been sorta holding back the news of our pregnancy but since we're now beginning with the second trimester, we think that today is the right time to announce it more publicly. We kept the news during the first trimester because there's a lot of uncertainty with regards of the pregnancy, and it is the most volatile period.

It was in mid February when I started to feel tired easily, always wanting to urinate, and hungry all the time. And of course, I also missed my period. So we decided to take pregnancy test during the morning of 23 February, just before I took off with the plane to Aceh. And the result, two lines!

Upon my return from Aceh I began to search for doctor and hospital. I also went to consult Doris Fok about the possibility of tandem nursing, and she was very supportive about it. But she warned me to be extra careful and to stop breastfeeding Noe once I have bleeding or contraction. Therefore, we decided to try to go for a doctor in NUH, because of several reasons. First, there is breastfeeding research taking place there, which I'm hoping to be able to participate in. Secondly, the doctor is supportive to tandem nursing and natural birth. Third, NUH is pushing for a baby-friendly and breastfeeding friendly hospital. Lastly, it's the closest to my house.

The first trimester of this pregnancy seemed to be more challenging than the first one. I got worse morning sickness. Although the nausea it didn't prevent me to eat, but my appetite is affected to some extent. Also, I get tired and sleepy really easily. All these, and I had to finish my final paper to graduate, together with raising a very active toddler, making this period one of the biggest challenge of my career as a parent and as a woman.

Nevertheless, glad that the first trimester had passed, and now the morning sickness does not come as frequently. Gradually I started to regain my fitness.

So this morning we went to doctor to do the first trimester scan to try to detect the possibility of Down Syndrome (Nuchal Translucency Scan). At this stage my memory drifted to what happened when Noe went through the same scan with a not-so-good result, and it was not easy for us. We are very much grateful to God that the result of today's scan has been pretty good and the baby is in the healthy condition.

Finally, please always keep us in your prayers, so that Noe's little sister / brother will be born a happy and healthy baby. We still have many months to go, and hopefully we could go through all the challenges facing us.


congrat Rani for the second

congrat Rani for the second child.
It's good time to have the second one.
Take care..



Alhamdulillah berlanjut ya

Alhamdulillah berlanjut ya Ran! Aku udah nunggu2 pengumuman ini lho...hehehe. Jadi tandem nursing-nya? Sampe kapan Noe masih akan menyusu nih? Jadi penasaran baca cerita Rani yg selalu ngatasin tantangan...
OK jaga kondisi ya Ran!

Congratulation yah for both

Congratulation yah for both of you!!

Btw Mas Indi ini sulit sekali di hubungi. How can I reach him? I hope he still remember me :(
Ran titip pesen yah buat si mas


congrats ya guys :D

Utaku dan Indi selamat ya

Utaku dan Indi selamat ya atas kehamilan kedua ini.
Kita doakan agar segalanya berjalan lancar baik-baik dan Uta selalu sehat-sehat! Selamat ya sekali lagi
Hugz, Elok dan Thomas

selamat buat Rani & Indi.

selamat buat Rani & Indi. ternyata tebakan bulan february kemarin bener ya.


Selamat ya Ran..... have a happy and healthy nine months!


Rani & Indi + Noe,
Congrats on the very happy news!! Take care. -TashaRubiAnara-

Congratulations Guys

Congratulations on the pregnancy. :)


Indirani, congratulation ya... good news indeed.... wish you an easy pregnancy!

selamat ya indy & rani...

selamat ya indy & rani... semoga lancar dan sehat selalu buat rani...

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