Corruption off the record

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I just heard a news about an acquaintance, who works in an organization within in the Indonesian army. He/She was tasked to sell a thing owned by Indonesian army to fund his/her organization. After a few months, finally that thing was sold with a high price.

But then he/she got a phone call and was asked to attend a meeting in a top-notch hotel. In the meeting, there was a group of high level army officers. Right in front of his/her eyes, shamelessly, these high-level officers asked for the money from the sale and they started to share the money among themselves, leaving the organization with nothing. My acquaintance was really pissed off, after all the hardwork devoted for selling that thing, and seeing corruption right in front of his/her very eyes.

At the end, my acquaintance asked for a letter signed by his/her superior in order to make it clear that he/she was not the one authorizing the money to be transferred to those high-ranking army officers, and putting the organization into a disadvantaged position. Basically he/she wanted to reiterate that he/she was not responsible for the money sharing. He/she was just a small dot amongst sea of corrupt officials in Indonesia. This is how sad Indonesia is, and I don't know if I ever want to go back. Not until there's no more corruption.



kan udah gue bilang, lo stay aja di sana hehe. tapi kalo soal korupsi ini, gue bilang kita sebagai general population juga salah sih. ngomel mulu, sebel ngeliat bapak temen kita kok kaya banget padahal cuma tentara misalnya, tapi pernah gak kita ngelaporin mereka ke kpk misalnya. atau dikasih hukuman sosial, disindir atau apa lah, biar mereka malu.
nope, kita cuma ngomel dan ngomel. ntar giliran dikasih barang atau proyek ya diterima juga.

make a diffrence

Sometimes I do feel like I want to escape this country too, tapi gue stuck dengan adanya kewajiban keluarga yang berat. Corruption sucks, dan benar kata Hera, harus melakukan sesuatu. Maybe starting with one self, coba semua orang di Indonesia bisa memulai dari situ...

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