Ikea discourages the use of plastic bags?

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Indi went to Ikea Alexandra with Noe yesterday to buy tent for Noe's playhouse. We knew that Ikea in Singapore had just adopted the policy of discouraging the use of plastic bags, and we truly support it, to minimise waste!

But to Indi's surprise, the cashier in Ikea offered us to buy plastic bags. "Would you like to buy plastic bag?" the cashier said, while wearing a t-shirt with a big slogan in the bag that says "NO, the more we say it, the less we waste". It means that they would say no to plastic bags.

This made Indi confused. "I though Ikea is trying to discourage the use of plastic bags, but the staffs keep offering plastic bag to customers". The only difference is you have to pay 10 cent per bags, whereas in the past it was free.

If Ikea is indeed trying to discourage the use of plastic bags, please, do not offer it to customer. Or maybe, don't even bother stocking them.


Nice finding, didn't know

Nice finding, didn't know Ikea has such a controversial stance in place

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