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Last year, we began creating family tree in the Wiki-based genealogy site, Rodovid. At that time, we discovered that both Indi and I were descendant of Ken Arok, and we shared the same ancestry up to Bhre Kertabumi (Brawijaya V)

Yesterday I got more information with regards to our ancestry. It turned out that we're descendants of Prophet Muhammad, 41 generations apart. Now that does not mean that we're pious or good religious people. But it shed a light that possibly many Javanese people are descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

How did it happen? First, let me just share with you my methodology in mapping our family history. It's actually pretty simple, based on available data, I plotted them into Rodovid Website

  • First, I plotted my ancestry up to Sultan Agung, 11 generations before me. The data is credible, because it is a certified family tree published by the Jogjakarta Sultanate. Solo Sultanate also have similar family tree. We can make the database richer if you can plot your family tree if you have on, or whatever genealogy information you have.
  • Secondly, I found Babad Jawa Versi Mangkunegaran online, which traced the lineage of Javanese Kings, Queens, and Princes, up to Ken Arok and Tunggul Ametung. This resulted in a family tree that I put here almost one year ago
  • Thirdly, last year, I googled genealogy information of Wali Sanga and particularly Sunan Ampel. This gives additional information on the Javanese family tree during Raden Patah era, in which intermarriage with the Muslims started to happen. Last year I could only traced the lineage up to Maulana Malik Ibrahim
  • In the mean time, Indi's genealogy information is added based on information available in the book Komat Kamit Selo Soemardjan, that mentioned his ancestry up to Sultan Demak. This information was also plotted
  • This year, I just saw an update in the Wikipedia page of Sunan Ampel. New information of Sunan Ampel's lineage is added, with ancestry information up to Husayn, the son of Ali bin Abi Thalib and Fatimah Az-Zahra. So I plotted this information.
  • It turned out that somebody else had already plotted genealogy information of Prophet Muhammad, so what I do is just link my plotted family tree into this family tree. This resulted into a colossal family tree that spans 59 generations, from third century BC up to today.

Family tree spanning more than 1000 years and around the world! 

You can see Prophet Muhammad's Family Tree or Rani's family tree or Indi's family tree. Or you can download the original JPG here (careful, filesize is 2MB!), to avoid clogging Rodovid's server. The result and conclusions of this family tree are amazing:

  • Indi's family tree and I started to diverge from Bhre Kertabumi. Indi is descendant of Raden Patah and Demak Sultanate, while I am descendant of Raden Bondan Kejawen, which are both sons of Bhre Kertabumi
  • Both the sons of Bhre Kertabumi married the female descendant of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. Maulana Malik Ibrahim is 11th descendant of Prophet Muhammad through Ali Bin Abi Talib and Fatimah Az-Zahra. The descendant of Ali and Fatimah swarmed over generations from Baghdad-Iraq, to Hadramaut-Yemen, to Nasrabad-India, to Samarkand-Uzbekistan, before finally reach the land of Java
  • In conclusion, we can see that possible many Javanese people are sharing the same ancestry, namely, Bhre Kertabumi and Maulana Malik Ibrahim. As long as you can trace your ancestry up to Sultan Agung, it is likely that you can hook up your family tree with Ken Arok and Prophet Muhammad
  • Interestingly, Prophet Muhammad's family tree in Rodovid showed a linkage to a Portuguese family currently living in Portugal and Brazil, which you can see at the lower right corner of the family tree. These Portuguese family are descendant of Muhammad and Khadijah through his daughter Umm Kuttum. Somehow their descendant settled in Portugal, and the last Arabic / Islamic name that I could find in their family tree is Aboazar, 15 generations after Muhammad. After which I could no longer find Arabic/Islamic name in their family tree. This Portuguese family tree is really comprehensive and seemed to be accurate. It's amazing that I could see my blood relationship with people halfway around the world in Brasil!
  • I would confidently say that this collosal family tree is quite accurate, because there is not much difference of generation between the Javanese family lineage and the Portuguese family lineage (the difference is only three generations, approximately 75 years discrepancy over 40 generations)
  • The only problematic generational discrepancy is Indi's family tree and mine beginning from the grandchild of Raden Patah. There is seven generations gap, that means approximately 175 years discrepancy over 16 generations. I conclude that Selo Soemardjan's family tree description in his book is inaccurate (saying that there is only nine generation gap from Sultan Demak). To rectify this discrepancy, we could rely on the fact mentioned in the same book, that KRT Tummengung worked as an aide for Sultan Hamengkubuwono IV. By putting KRT Tumenggung along the same line with Sultan HB IV, Indi's family tree became inline with my family tree, but leaving seven generation gap between Sultan Demak and KRT Tumenggung. Too bad, I could not find other written information to cross check Pak Selo Soemardjan's statement in his book

So, what are you waiting for? You can help putting your genealogy information into Rodovid and we can have very rich information of our family relationship!

Don't worry if you make mistakes, the fact that Rodovid is a Wiki means that any information you put in can be easily corrected or reverted.



memang benar mbak, cuma waktu itu panik sampe seminggu jd nya ga karuan :D dan perlakuan pihak RS yang bikin gregetan juga :P


wah menarik...menarik...karena bokap gw jg punya silsilah keluarga yang berakhir di Brawijaya V. so, are we becoming family now, ran? hehe...mungkin kalo di telusuri lebih juauuhh lagi, kita-kita ini adalah keturunan Nabi Musa, Nabi Ibrahim, dan berakhir di Adam dan Hawa yah...

Thats pretty wild! I don't

Thats pretty wild! I don't think anyone knows my family tree past 3-4 generations :-(

I visited Indonesia last christmas, it was beautiful.

You might wanna change

You might wanna change Kanjeng Nabi Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (saaw) link to:

Salam. You might wanna

Salam. You might wanna change the link of Kanjeng Nabi Muhammad Messenger of Allah (saaw) to:

Prophet Muhammad SAW Descendant

Ass. Wr. Wb.

Mba & mas apa khabar ?

Mba mungkin kaget bahwa ada kemungkinan kita juga keturunan Hassan ra. Mengapa? Karena mungkin Prabu Jaya baya itu juga islam. Lalu dia mungkin menikah dengan anak gurunya yaitu Ali syamsu zain ( Ali syamsuddiin ?) Menurut silsilah keluarga saya ( sedang saya susun juga, bingung sii ) , kita ada turun dari jayabaya+ ali syamsu zain . Konon menurut keluarga saya itu dari maghribi ( marocco ) keturunan ahli bait yg berarti keturunan Hassan ra. Kalo boleh saya minta tolong dicarikan datanya.
Saya juga mau tambah2 link :

Juga search deh ttg raja Jordan dia itu dari Hassan Ra.

Kalo boleh mba/mas tolong upload gambar silsilahnya di:, biasanya org ul disitu, lagi pula kalo dl gak bayar.

sekian, wass.wr.wb Ttakut kepanjangan.


Congratulations,You have found your lineage,it took me a long time to find my lineage and I have found out that we are from the same lineage.thank u for makes my job easier..

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