Violence on TV Mobile

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I was travelling on SBS Transit bus number 97 from Alexandra to my office in Jurong East yesterday morning (8:30am) when I was really shocked to see something that I think should have been censored but shown on the small on-board TV set called TV Mobile.

It was a scene from the sneak preview of the TV series Prison Break (Season 2) that caught my attention since it vividly shows an image of a woman getting shot twice in the chest with blood splattering all over.

I could respect Singapore's government censorship on pornography and strong sexual contents but I cannot help thinking why such a vivid imagery of gun violence could pass on a public television? There were children riding the same bus with me and at least a hundred more buses in every corner of Singapore showing the same scene on their TV Mobile sets. I am pretty sure that the scene had probably been broadcasted dozens of times everyday over a period of several days. You do the math.

In light of the recent gun violence at Virginia Tech shouldn't MediaCorp be cutting away those scenes depicting someone getting shot with blood splattering all over? I think they should do something about it soon.

Am I now too detached from what is going on Singapore public TV since I have not watched TV at home for 3 years?

Have I become too sensitive because I have been watching The Wiggles with my handsome boy too many times?

Let's get rid of violence on TV now!

PS: When I used to watch a lot primetime TV shows in Singapore, I remember seeing at least one scene/story depicting someone getting killed somewhere by someone else. It was one of many reasons why I stopped watching TV altogether: Too much violence on TV. Can you confirm if this fact is still true, dear TV watchers and couch potatoes?


Still Violence happens

I am not fans of any televisions program in Spore apart from News Channel. But yes, the violence still there. Specially about Hollywood movies or tv series which generated lots viewer.

It's time to get a car Indi

It's time to get a car Indi :)

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