MUST SEE MOVIE: SiCKO by Michael Moore

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I have just finished watching Michael Moore's new film SiCKO on my computer. Just in case you have not heard: The master copy of the film had the potential of being confiscated by US government due to its Cuban related footage but somehow Moore managed to get it distributed globally via the internet. I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

I won't give you a spoiler but having lived in the US for 9 years and experienced the high-cost of healthcare, such as: having a hefty bill of USD13,000+ for a surgical procedure to remove my ruptured appendix (and I was supposed to die from it!) in December 1993, this film had gotten my mind in a flashback. Although my experience with US healthcare was not as bad as those with critical/terminal illness depicted in the film, I remember that being seriously sick is something that one should not experience while living/staying in the US.

Moore, once again, shook the Americans with this film that I have long awaited. I can tell you that there was nothing sophisticated in the way he delivered the message. However, it was pure simplicity at its best.

In addition to Moore's excellent comparative scenarios among existing healthcare systems in the US and Canada/France/Britain, it was really touching for me to see Cuba and its people again; this time in the eyes of an American. Last January when we were in Havana, Noe had first hand experience of getting Cuban healthcare treatment when he fell sick with high fever. I can assure you that what Moore presented to you about Cuba is true. A free universal healthcare. Read The Secrets of Cuban Medicine.

Moore had captured the essence of what humanity should be. And if you want to see the film, just let me know :)

PS: Yes, Moore would be happy to see me reproduce the video on CD-ROM for everyone to watch (legally).


ada linknya?

btw ada link-nya gak? pingin download :D

cari di,

cari di, judulnya sicko2007 kalo ga salah. formatnya AVI, skeitar 700mega

banned? never heard of it

banned? never heard of it banned anywhere. where did you get that idea? in fact, the movie is rated PG-13 by MPAA. info from wikipedia:

oops yes. not banned.

thanks for the correction,
yes it was not banned but had the potential of being confiscated by Bush' regime due to Cuban related footage. read:

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