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We had about one week of down time this week because we had to move hosting. About two weeks ago our website was down because of the server problem in our old hosting service (I suspect it's because we've been boingboing-ed), and they have been rather slow in responding to our enquiry. Also their control panel is often inaccessible and slow. used to be very good and fast, but recently their service quality has declined. Moreover, we have multiple hosting accounts at various service (another account and totalchoicehosting), and it's not cost effective.

So we decided to move to Dreamhost because our friend Thalia and Ari has been using Dreamhost for ten years and they don't have major complain about it. It allows me to host unlimited number of websites and database with a huge (160GB) storage space. Moreover, it's using linux based server rather than windows IIS used in our old hosting service, and it gave us more flexibility. It's fast and user friendly too. Dreamhost customer service responds really quickly too. And we managed to cut cost of our hosting service into half.

We took this opportunity to upgrade the infrastructure of our website. Now we're using the latest drupal and it can be linked to akismet. After getting the site up for 24 hours, we haven't gotten any spam going through even into the approval dashboard. The real spam was speedily deleted by spam module and akismet. However I have been having problem accessing the website using IE and unable to resolve the problem (other people seemed to not have any problem accessing this iste with IE). The other downside is that our old theme doesn't work with the latest version of drupal, so for now, we had to use template themes that doesn't look really good. Well, our old theme is not really aesthetic either, but at least it's our own customization. I dunno when i'll have the time to tweak on the templates, I've been bogged down with work lately.

OK, enjoy your visit here!


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