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I managed to get my last blog entry as an article in the frontpage of the Jakarta Post Sunday Edition 22 July 2007! See the bottom left of the scanned page. As an amateur, I'm happy about it :> Click here to read the full JPEG or click below for the flickr page

Thanks H for your great editing work (Sorry can't mention your name since you specifically asked me not to be named)! Also click here.



Congrats, Ran. It was a very good post. Most people already think about that, but you're the one that really can spilled it out. Loud and clear :)

i second Ivan!

i second Ivan! congratulations! it's about time that the issue is brought up to the front page :D yay rani!


congrats sist...this piece is really worth the front page.

Amazing, Rani. Simply

Amazing, Rani. Simply amazing!


Kudos for your firm principle!


hey, Rani.... congratz! this's a cool post and deserved to be read by wider public!!!

Response from William Kwok

Read Here

TV program in RI and Singapore

Opinion and Editorial - July 25, 2007

I agree with Meutia Chaeroni on the way Indonesian TV tends to portray the lives of celebrities, and their insensitive behavior in news coverage, (The Jakarta Post, July 22, p. 1).

I worked and lived in Jakarta for more than 10 years before returning to Singapore. I have found Singapore TV to be very commercially driven and the local programs very bad.

Indonesia has many TV stations and is definitely a very competitive environment as compared to Singapore. I don't find Singapore TV good, and just want to highlight this.

I used to watch at least two hours of TV every night while in Jakarta, and since being back in Singapore, I've not watched any local programs as I find them rather boring, and lacking imagination.

At least in Indonesia, there are the great local programs, as well as the "improper" ones. In Singapore, you just don't have the choice.

William Kwok

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