Noe finding self

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Noe has developed his individuality and personality. Just today, he began to say "Mine!" and "It's mine!", if we get something from him without his consent. He would say "no" to a lot of thing, such as morning shower. Just like his grandfather, Dr. Ahmad, who's taking plenty of time before taking his morning shower.

After shower, he would take the time to go to his clothes cabinet, and choose which clothes he wants to wear for the day. If we refuse to put on the clothes of his choice, he would get really angry! Then we would proceed to have breakfast, in which I had to provide two to three choices of food, so that Noe can choose according to his mood. Then Noe would walk to the Video cabinet, and choose which DVD he wants to play for the day, and he would want to insert the DVD by himself into the player. He has a very strong personality that it is almost impossible, if not using a long persuasion, to divert him away from things he wants to do.

His favorite video show (note: we don't have TV but we do have video player) is The Wiggles. This is like, his total favorite. It is no use that we have been screening sesame street since the beginning. The Wiggles is just more interesting (and hypnotic) to him. It began with me looking for children songs video in youtube and we found a lot of Wiggles Video. At the end of the day, Noe was stuck watching low-resolution wiggles in youtube, and we couldn't get things done in the computer. Finally we decided to get him the wiggles DVDs to play at the main TV set, and they have become Noe's favorite ever since. Initially, I found the wiggles to be rather annoying, but slowly, I agree with Noe, their music is nice to sing along with, and really fun to dance too! The music is simple but not childish or pretending. I see the wiggles not as childish adult, but as adult having fun being together with kids! And so, Noe and us always dance and sing along to the Wiggles. His favorite song is Quack Quack.

Photo by Ernest Millan

Noe has also started going to a playgroup nearby our house since March 2007, when he just turned two years old. He goes to Carpe Diem Kidz, in Alexandra. The reason we chose this place is that because the center has a huge front and backyard, which is converted into small farms with chicken, ducks, and rabbits. They also have tree house, and the teachers are quite good and communicative too. And so far, Noe had produced some artwork that he had lovingly presented to us

Noe is now two years and three months. He babbles a lot, and I mean a lot! But so far no meaningful words or sentence has come out from his mouth. His teacher said that Noe is just hesitant to talk. We tried many ways to make him talk, but Noe just wants to talk when he wants to. Actually it's not a problem to us, we always tried to encourage him to talk properly but we never force him to. Interestingly, Noe understand 100% what we're telling him to do or whatever explanation we give him in long sentences. For example, he would put stuff in the correct place, such as recycling bin, when we ask him. Or he would agree to take a morning shower after we give him a long explanation on why it is good to have a morning shower.


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