Video: Kainoe Falling Asleep at Lunch

noe's picture

This was not the first time Noe fell asleep while eating. Wait until you see the last few seconds.

Check this out:

*Taken using xda IIs built-in camera. Should have used MiniDV instead :)


so cute! he reminds me to

so cute! he reminds me to new yorkers in subways... he has talent in keeping his body upright while sleeping. very useful during subway ride to work.


kocak banget sih mas noe... baru semalem alde jg mengalami kejadian yg sama ran. tapi dari tidur trus bangun & masih ngantuk2 gitu. noe kok bisa siiiih lagi makan trus ngantuk :)

tapi masih tetep ganteng kok noe ;)

Never been there

OMG, so funny! :lol:
The last time I saw my son got very sleepy while eating was when he's around 7-8 month old. Not seating, too :)


anak saya juga pernah begitu, hahaha. lucu.

He... he... he...

Duhh.. koq bisa sih... ???


haha, so cute, so funny!
kayak lagi diospek deh.... ketiduran pas makan.

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