Ratatouille Screening!

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Mark your calendar! Bring your whole family into the screening of Disney's latest "RATATOUILLE" in this family-friendly event held by the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group in Singapore.


Date : 2 September 07 (Sunday)
Time : 3 pm
Venue : Eng Wah Cinema, Suntec City
Movie : Ratatouille
Ticket : S$12 each (Babies & toddlers under 0.9m who sit on Mommy and Daddy's laps come for free!)

We hope to see you there! Please register by calling the office at 6337 0508 or check out Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group website


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wah asyik juga ya nonton

wah asyik juga ya nonton bareng family...pas lagi kantornya torkis di suntec pulak...sayang calvin belon ngerti apa2...hiks...

btw salam kenal yaaa...daku tinggal di kallang nih...asyiiikk langsung ketemu moderatornya milis asiforbaby ^^

waaah...asyik juga nonton

waaah...asyik juga nonton bareng family yaa...apalagi kantor torkis di suntec pulak...sayang calvin belon ngerti apa"...hiks...

btw...salam kenal rani....asyiikk ketemu langsung ama moderator milis asiforbaby...kita di kallang nih...

iya bu...kita

iya bu...kita tetanggan...hehehehehe...aku masih takut bawa calvin nonton euy..cepet bosan nih anak...klo udah bosan cepet2 harus ganti suasana deh...hiks...

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