Video: Kainoe Zoom Zoom Zoom

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Our 2.5 year old son Noe is so good at this. Just look at how fast he is going on his kick scooter (otopet).

Check this out:

*Taken using xda IIs built-in camera. Should have used MiniDV instead :)

Our observations: Although his verbal skill is not yet fully developed, his motoric and hand-eye coordination skills are above average.


too cute!! and he's really

too cute!! and he's really good at it too :-P
want to get one for Andi. where to buy?

Hi Noe, be careful..... Next

Hi Noe, be careful.....
Next time we can do bike riding together...yeeeee:-)

Talk about motoric and Hand-Eye

When i was 2.5 years old, it was impossible for me to have a ride with otoped like though, hahahahah, above average indeed if you're asking me......

If Casey Stoner retired, well he'd know who would be the next GP champ.....of course this chump....:D

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