Our New Baby Boy: Keilani Soemardjan

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Oh what a day!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our second son. All natural, all healthy!

date: 25 October 2007
time: 7:50pm (Singapore/HongKong time)
weight: 2.8kg
length: 49cm

We have chosen to name him Keilani Soemardjan (nickname: Kei). Keilani \ke(i)-la-ni\ is pronounced kay-ee-LAH-nee. It is of Hawaiian origin, and its meaning is "glorious chief". Keilana means "glory; calmness".

Kei is getting himself comfortable under infant warmer system in the delivery room of National University Hospital, Singapore.

Kei is enjoying his first bath in the delivery room.

Rani and her doula Doris Fok are having a good time trying get Kei breastfed for the first time. Kei did really well!

Rani started having contractions after midnight at 10 minutes interval. Then from 6am to 5pm they came at 7 minutes interval. At about 6pm she had the "show" (mucous plug came off) and we immediately had her check-in at NUH delivery ward at about 6.30pm. By 7pm she was already 7-8cm dilated which became fully dilated at about 7.30pm. Doris Fok, as Rani's trusted doula, performed an excellent job comforting and massaging Rani. Because of Rani's total surrender mindset and Doris' magic aura, Keilani paved his own way to the world without any push from Rani (and absolutely no drug intervention nor pain killer!). Luckily, nurse Maria Cristina Bernardino was there to assist when Rani said "He's coming out!". Dr. Chong, the "real" doctor, came a little later, saw Kei and said, "Wow, you had a self-service delivery!".

It was such a great evening! Rani made another perfect natural birth. This time she was fully prepared mentally and physically (after reading Ina May's book). Like an athlete finishing the final 1km of marathon effortlessly! Maybe Rani is built to make babies :) Well, the natural approach is really the ONLY way to go.

PS: Rani is in Ward 42 - National University Hospital - until Saturday morning.



selamat!congratulation!....semoga menjadi akan yang berbakti kepada orang tua, bangsa dan negara...

Congratulations, Baby finally come!!!

haha.....Great to see the long due baby come to town.....


Selamat yaa!

May the child be blessed by good health and life... may the family be more complete and joyous !


Congratulations for Indi and Rani. Congrats as well for Noe for becoming an elder brother. :)

concongratulations to the

concongratulations to the proud parents!!! and the joyous elder brother!! :)


Rani.. selamat yaaa... Kei pinter ya bisa menyusu dalam 20 menit. Big kiss for him *mwuah mwuah*

Baca proses persalinannya bikin gw iri. Bukan mengenai gampangnya Kei lahir tapi pendamping yang bisa membantu proses menyusu dini. Tau sendiri kan kalo di Jakarta atau Indonesia (generally) harus ibunya yang ngotot sama DSOG atau bidan, dan itu belum tentu juga bisa.


Wow - and no anesthetic or anything. I thought that's what happened for women who do advanced yoga every day... or at least use a squat toilet every day of their lives and do their cooking on the floor like in traditional villages. I did't think any of that applied to you.

Or did you get a really clever dukun to perform an incantation and protect you from the pain of childbirth...?

Congratulation on your 2nd Son

Aloha Indi and Rani,

Congratulation on both of you, it is a blessing from God to have kids.
What a nice name for Keilani:-)
Again, God bless of you.


Tony n Family


Indi, Rani dan Noe, selamaaaaat atas lahirnya Baby Kei, selamaaattt. With soo much love from us <<>>

Warmest wishes!

Hello World, Kei!!!

Great to have you here. My best wishes to you, your big bro and your parents!

Indi, Ra'ut, and Noe,
I'm so happy to read this news. Looking forward to seeing all four of you sailing to Melbourne one day! :-)


Wow it's a baby boy!

Wow it's a baby boy! Congratulations..... tya punya tambahan teman main nih. Kapan nih ke jakarta biar bisa main bareng. Ditunggu ya.

what a gorgeous picture of

what a gorgeous picture of Kei with his eyes open! :-)
congratulations again. here's to many many happy hours chasing your two boys.
(and so.. did the dr waive his fee? ;p)

We share the same birthday!!

How wonderful that Kei is here! I didn't even realize it was time so soon! I am so happy for your family and that is wonderful that Rani went all natural with both deliveries!!! Way to go strong women!!!

selamat ya...

selamat atas kelahiran Kei.. semoga ibu & anak sehat slalu.

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