Hello, Jakarta!

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It's official. I submitted my resignation letter to the HR folks at JURONG International after nearly 4 years of employment.

So, what's next? A new and fresh position with a Dutch company in Jakarta for a few years. It's very exciting to be a part of a Foreign Direct Investment in my own beloved country. Since 2002, I promised myself that I won't take away another person's job in Indonesia, but instead, I should be instrumental in creating new jobs for my fellow citizens.

My Chief Family Officer (CFO) Rani and the kids are excited about this as well (especiallly Noe who has been missing his Nenek and Eyang Putri). It's not an easy decision to relocate to Jakarta but I am sure it's worth all the effort.

Mind you, I have not lived in Indonesia since 1992 (yes, 15 years... that's nearly half of my life!) so some major mental adjustments must be made well in advance.

The only time I have ever worked in Indonesia was during my US-summer holiday job at Club Med, Bali. But, I won't tell you the details of my experience working as a G.O. Too risqué :)


Oh no... but...

Well, first of course, congratulation! But... are you sure you want to return to Indonesia now? The only good reason is that you earned foreign-based salary but living in Indonesia, that would be great - money-wise.

Anyway, good luck then. Welcome to the place where traffic jam is getting worse every day, flood is common, bad attitude is normal. But the food is good tho.

Good luck, Indi. You will need a ton of luck now ;).


gue bakal kangen sarapan di Hang Jebat!


surpriseeeee...ikut seneng,tapi cediiiiih............berkurang satu deh, 'saingan' buat rebutan sate ayam braddell :)

wah ndi

tetangga, setelah kasih cerita horor kemarin yg bikin gue kalo balik malem suka jadi kadang lirik2 dan waswas nyari mana dia pohon yg dilihat si noe eh sekarang berita kejutan lagi.. balik kampung..
selamat ndi.. gue juga pengen ikutan balik nih

agree with boy!

agree with boy!


congratulations for all of you....
i think living in indonesia (jakarta) can be very fun... especially if you have a certain level of power and freedom to change.. (no matter limited it is).
i'm excited for you and rani.... a new adventure is begun!!
good luck!

good luck!

Waduh.. baru ketemu udah ditinggal pergii... huhuhu.... but good luck to all of you! :)

sad but happy for you

Waw! good news for family...Hope all get the best in Indonesia.


that's a good news! being paid as an expat in Indonesia is an awesome deal! tapi, yah, aina ntar jadi jarang main ama noe + kei deh... :(

Best Wishes

Hi :

Congrats and good luck in your new employment.

Best Regards,

Tony Chai
My Options Trading Blog


Man! What's happening with that dreamboat? Or are you gonna sail back to Indonesia and park your boat in Ancol?

:-) Congrats anyway. Jakarta has such a wonderful spirit nevertheless.

concongrats for the new

concongrats for the new job!!! i just found out about this. i just met you guys and you're already leaving?? *shock*


alamak... bertambah satu

alamak... bertambah satu sumber macet di jkt :D:D:D enjoy driving in mad-town!

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