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Early this morning at about 7.20am I carried Noe in my arms under an umbrella from our humble home to Queensway, which is the nearest busy road. Normally, I'd walk all the way to his school for a good 1.2 kilometer but it was raining and the grass was soggy so I decided to get a quick taxi ride.

When we passed the Hang Jebat mosque, Noe, with his face facing backward over my shoulder, said, "Ibuuuu...!". Then I asked him, "Where is Ibu? Ibu is at home, Noe...". But he kept pointing at some tree near the mosque's fence. BUt nobody was there! A few steps later, he said it again. I looked again behind us but I still could not see anyone.

Then we passed the Malaysian railroad after the mosque, but Noe kept looking at something behind us. 150 meter later, he kept pointing at something and said, "Ibuuu... Ibuuu....".

There was no sign of him being scared or happy or anything expressive. He was just pointing at some space behind us and said, "Ibu... Ibu.."

You see, Noe has a habit of saying Ibu whenever he sees an image of a woman either on TV or magazine or billboard. His behavior this morning made me think, "Did Noe see some kind of woman behind us which I could not see? Maybe she was following us?"

It was a spooky morning; with the drizzle and the fog. I swear to God I had the back of my hair all raised up when that happened!

PS: When we were in Havana, we noticed that Noe had pointed at something in the ceiling of our room. In one occasion he cried so loud (like he was so scared of something) or smiled happily. Last July we had witnessed him doing the same thing when we were near a temple in Ubud, Bali where Noe kept pointing at something and hysterically screamed, refusing to look in one direction where "it" was.

Kids... they do the darndest thing! :)


He might have the ability...


Noe might have the capability of seeing those things we can't see... you know... the other world...

Not many people are "gifted" with such ability, but I know some of my friends who have.

oh crap. i can feel the hair

oh crap. i can feel the hair on my arms, legs and the back of my neck raising as i read this post. you are scaring me, indi!!

Six Sense

Indi.. kids can see things we adults can't. They have special gift from God. They can sense some things that are not good or things we really cannot figure out but they knew what is happening.. Shafiq has done dat before too and its really scarry..but wat we did was just to recite some doa and insyallah..its gone..but the hair juz stand and eerriee feeling is there...

Not a problem

My kids also display similar behaviour. From talking to others, many witnessed the same. So no worries there, since by the time they're able to talk, usually the "ability" has went away.

Of course, some still retain their ability as they grow into an adult. Some acquired the ability through certain practices - several of my cousins joined a cult, and practiced their incantations. After some time, they're able to see things others can't

The effect is usually the same - it put quite a load of stress to them. Many of the creatures are ugly, and sometimes they're not very, um, polite.

My cousin had an accident involving these creatures, and after that he decided that enough is enough. Took him several months, but finally he managed to lose his "ability".
He's much happier now.


Heyah. I started commenting and got really carried away.

Here it is:

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