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Indi is very happy that our little website got into the top ten list of english-speaking indonesian bloggers, and the top 100 indonesian blogger in general according to Indonesia Matters. However, I think it is largely based on luck more than the quality of our writings.

I mean, although we're Indonesian, I think we rarely write about over-arching issues involving Indonesian politics or global warming etc, compared to the other top ten blogs within the top 100 english-speaking indonesian bloggers. We only write whatever we think and feel, and mostly they are shallow and trivial issues.

Statistically speaking, our daily readership never gets more than 400 per day. Moreover, we don't really spend time blog-socializing, blogwalking and putting many links back-forth. Not many people left their comments here either.

Allow me to be frank. I think the high rating of our website is largely accidental: getting linked by (one of the top ten blog in the whole world) that drove our pageview to 20,000 for a few days in June 2007, plus due to the breast-milk cheese article with more than 90,000 pageviews, and thanks to aggregator.

Anyway, as more bloggers made it into the list in the future, sure enough would be pushed downward in terms of rating. It happened already: we began at number 4 when the list was just launched, then became number 6, 8, and finally number 9. We're excited being in the top ten while it last, but frankly the rating is not that important for us.

Nevertheless, I'd like to thank all readers. I hope you've had a great time reading And hopefully, when we're back in Indonesia we would write more about Indonesia, and that should make our blog fit better into the category of 'bridge blogging'. But we will only write whatever we feel like writing....


Rani's Modesty

I think Rani is just being modest.

Here is why I insist of thinking that way:

It was during a warm morning of December 2006 in Mexico City when a young man bumped into me and said, "Hey, are you Rani's husband?". I was surprised but then responded, "Well, of course!". He offered to shake my hand and said, "Yeah, your name is Indi, right? I read your website all the time! What are you doing in Mexico? Hmmm... by the way, where is Rani?". Bygolly!

(Mind you: Mexico City is somewhere on the other side of the earth if you were standing in Jakarta.)

For the past few years, strangers have come to me and ask about Rani. They all seem to know her. I guessed I am married to a celebrity :)


agree, Rani, you're being modest and Indi, you're a free(loving)rider of Rani's popularity... haha. kidding...
i think you're great together at least in blogging -- moreover in other things in life of course! i enjoy your blog. original, not pretentious, and not wannabe famous.... keep on blogging!


Quality is luck too, and becoming a celebrity is a side-effect. Becoming the celebrity's husband, therefore, is an aftermath.

Just wait till Noe and Kei can type their own comments to your postings about them.


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