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Following my quick note on Pro Family World, this entry intends to compile blog entries / articles and other references on Pro Family World. This entry will be constantly updated as new references come in. I'm still contemplating on this "pro-family world" issue. But again, agree with Ari-Thalia child rearing is not just a woman's issue, it's a family issue for both men and women (so why do i tag it under "woman" then?).


5 or 6 years from now?

Yes this sounds good only when we are approaching the peak of our career (late 30s?). To be considered an expert consultant that people appreciate, we may need to experience more failures and successes.

thank you!

ran, thanks for finding this link. i really don't think it's a merely prediction. there are many people are living it, including us. it's a matter of changing the way we think.

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