Inspired - Around the World as a Family

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Traveling around the world need not be limited to adults. Children, even the very young ones, don't need to be excluded from the experience.

These families are our inspiration! They share one thing in common: they are families of world travelers

  • The Fleming Family: They quit their day job and took the whole family for around the world trip for one year. They homeschool their children on the road
  • The Hacking Family: Around the world with their sailboat Ocelot over these past few years with their teenage son and daughter. They homeschool their children on water
  • The Ibanez Family: Our good friends in Singapore with their two toddlers, departed November last year with their sailboat Constante for a trip around the world that will take at least five years
  • The Carlson Family from Canada: One year around the world with three kids
  • The Andrus Family from Utah: One year around the world with FOUR kids

This list will be added once we come across other silmilar families.
And hope that we could follow their footsteps in a few years, and if possible, with a Sailing Catamaran!



These stories are so wonderful! I love the idea of traveling around the world with the family! Maybe someday!!!

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