Our Dream Sailboat: Seawind 1160

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It's been almost a year now since Rani and I started dreaming of having a Seawind 1160. This Australian-made 38-foot long (11.6 meter) sailing catamaran is definitely something that we'd love to sail together with our boys (and friends) across Indonesian archipelago.

What better way to keep the dream alive than watching this Seawind 1160 video:

Apart from the standard double-hull design, this boat has a self-tacking jib, which means that we don't have to worry about switching the headsail from left to right (or vice versa) when we're going upwind.

The standard accomodation layout is ideal for living and entertaining. Yes, we are considering to live on this boat since Singapore and Jakarta property prices are skyrocketing; provided that we could find an affordable berthing place. For sustainability, we'd have to make sure that the boat is equipped with solar panels, a wind generator and a freshwater maker.

Based on our finances, it will take perhaps 10 years before Rani and I could afford to buy this boat (a pre-owned one, of course!). Hopefully, that's when our kids will be big enough to be our crew.

Check out this American couple who are happy owners of a Seawind cat called Bella Via. They are slowly sailing from Australia to the US. Another example would be KatieKat, which has made a successful journey from Sydney to San Francisco. What an inspiration!

PS: We don't to wait too long until retirement at age 60 before we start a cruising life. We definitely want to do it before our kids go to college. It's time to work harder and invest our cash more diligently now!


good luck! we can't wait for

good luck! we can't wait for that 10 years to arrive and visit your new home on water :)

what a dream!

me too, iv found the seawind randomly looking at yatchs online, and it has sparked my imagination too!

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