Al Jazeera 101 East: A Legacy of A Dictator

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Hosted by news anchor Teymoor Nabili, "Al Jazeera 101 East: A Legacy of A Dictator" was indeed a thought provoking episode.

It started with a brief flashback of what Suharto had done to Indonesia (and its people) since 1965 and was followed by conversations among Mugiyanto, Wimar Witoelar and Emil Salim.

Wimar, as always, spoke from his heart while Emil was all over the place, unable to defend his points clearly. Mugiyanto was very consistent as well in his views.

You can watch the episode using the following links:

PART 1 :

PART 2 :

PS: My late grandfather Selo Soemardjan worked alongside Emil Salim as Secretary to the Minister of State of Economics, Finance, and Industry between 1966-1973 (Transition to the New Order) and helped Suharto's economic advisers. In retrospect, I wonder what he would have said about Suharto if he had the chance to be in the same room with Wimar and Mugiyanto. Would he back Emil? Or would he counter? All I knew was that everytime my grandpa had academically inquired about some social injustice (i.e. against tribesmen in Irian Jaya/Papua) he got summoned by Suharto to "keep things down and cool it off". I really want to know.

What's your view on this matter?

*Here is Wimar's transciption of the program.


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