My Ankle

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I am pissed off by whoever did the paving along Labrador Park using limestone (or whatever material) that becomes slippery when wet. It was raining so I slipped and sprained my ankle this afternoon. I landed from my fall the wrong way because I was trying to protect my baby who is sitting in my baby bjorn carrier. And now I can only walk with turtle pace, and my ankle hurts, it is a bit swollen too. ARRGH!


i know it must hurt an awful lot..

sprained ankle is the worst!!
i sprained my ankle 6 years ago, it was swolen so bad i don't think it ever look like its original shape again...

my aunt recommended "arak cina", but it just didn't work that well for me..i had to wear the ankle support band for 6 months.

i hope you won't need that like i did.
get better soon!

Great article. Well written

Great article. Well written and very useful. Thanks alot!

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