The Greatest Invention: Banana Guard

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My neighbor Ioana Vaetoru-Fox bought me a Banana Guard from New Zealand. It's hard. It's big. It's almost manly!

I used to hate bringing a banana in my bag because it would end up looking like Gerber's mashed banana (literally!).

But this time it's different. I can confidently bring a banana in my bag to work, or anywhere else for that matter. I am tempted to carry it in my hand. It feels good. But, what would people say if I keep holding on to this thing? :)

Yesterday, I put a banana in it and brought it to office for the first time. What did my colleagues say when they saw the "thing"? Men and women were staring at it! Some women even chose to touch it! It looks like the "thing" knows how to catch everyone's attention.

Can you buy it in Singapore or Indonesia retail shops? I don't think so. Whoever gets the first distributorship will surely win the market!

So, hurry!


Going bananas

Great post. May your bananas never be squashed from now on ;)


Thanks for viewing my blog.. anyway.. i think that ''thing'' is cool as it protects your banana.. i can say that it was a great invention..

-Just Elve

It looks like a dildo!!! I

It looks like a dildo!!! I can just hear the laughter if you had brought that thing into WPA! Enjoy the bananas.

saw it at motherworks

I saw those banana guard sometimes a go at Mother works, Great world city mall. Indeed, it's very practical for banana on the go.


i'm a sucker for these kind of inventions. been sacrificing my love to eat banana with cheese at work. wonder if they have it in jakarta. lemme know if you heard anything! :D


what do women say when they see you holding the banana holder?

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