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After sending our DNA sample to National Geographic's Genographic Project, I found out that, based on our Y-chromosome lab analysis, my body carries a true African blood.

But why Y-chromosome? It is something which is passed directly from father to son, unchanged, from generation to generation.


If we trace my Y-chromosome back to the "good ol' days", here is simplistic version of the migration trail:

  • 50,000 years ago: Originated in Northeast Africa in the region of the Rift Valley, perhaps in present-day Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania.
  • 45,000 years ago: Migrated to Middle East, perhaps in present-day Saudi Arabia.
  • 40,000 years ago: Migrated to Persia, perhaps in present-day Iran and Kashmir and then to Northern India.
  • 35,000 years ago: Migrated to Central and then to East China.
  • 30,000 years ago: Migrated to Southeast Asia, perhaps in present-day Vietnam, and then to Borneo (not through Malay peninsula).

The point is:

  • If you are still paternally related to my late grandfather, then your Y-chromosome is likely to have the same origin as mine. See our Rodovid family tree to see if yours meets mine.
  • If people ask what race I am (like what they always do in Singapore!), they had better see this and figure out my genetic sequence for themselves.

The more people do this DNA analysis, the more we know where we come from. Go get your kit today!


DNA Testing

just thought you guys might be interested in this question on AskMetafilter and the responses to it.

the main question asked is:
As of 2008, what can science tell me about my genetics thru DNA testing. the asker then went into details of what he wanted to know.

it is different from the testing you had done.
i just thought you would be interested in this, in case you missed it.



I wanna get one two!

Three! Let's see whose ancestors have been more migratory. I suspect it's yours, Indi. But who knows, my ancestors might have come from Phillip Island, then migrated to Jupiter before landing back in Manchuria and got sacked by the communists after being expelled from the sinking Tuvalu. They might've then migrated to Iceland because they thought they wouldn't be discriminated by the shape of their eyes, but then thought it was too cold and thereafter ended up in Bali after failing to make it in Trinidad and Tobago.

Hang on, let's make that last one Saint Vincent and the Grenadines instead.

Did Rani do the test as well? You two look so much alike, I'm quite sure your ancestors were at least neighbors like 29,504 years ago.

But then wouldn't everyone be originally from Africa? Wasn't it in Africa that they found the oldest human fossil (or if not, at least so the test results imply)? Why should I bother finding out? Actually now I think I would be more interested to know what my ancestors were before they were human. I'm kinda wishing they're those pink dolphins in the Amazon rivers. They're the coolest, man.

Um, yup, I changed my mind. Now I'd rather pay the 100$ to anyone who can scientifically prove that my ancestors were really those cool Amazonian pink dolphins. Anyone?

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