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Dr. Mahathir Mohamad started to blog at chedet.com, including receiving comments from people too. He could be the first and only (former) country leader that blogs, and a blogger of the highest government rank - Prime Minister, that is (albeit retired).

In Singapore the bloggers with highest government rank are MPs such as Siew Kum Hong and Minister such as George Yeo. In Indonesia, so far the bloggers with highest government rank are Ministers (Juwono Sudarsono, Anton Apriyantono, etc). Indonesian president and former presidents do not blog yet (perhaps under the influence of Roy Suryo?). I hope Indonesian president and former presidents will follow suit.



nice info mam..

leaders' blogs

it's cool that Dr M blogs.
btw, Prez Ahmadinejad also blogs. and the former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk too.
if SBY decided to pay someone to blog for him, I'd apply for the job... hehe.

testing politics and thanks

it's kinda testing polictics observing people's mind. btw, thanks for your greetings, rani.


What about me??? I'm blogging too.... :D

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