With Rani's Support, We Won

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For the last four weeks, Rani has been taking a very good care of the kids at home during my regular tennis practice with Yodhi. Yodhi and I even troubled her by adding more to the laundry basket with our smelly tennis clothes. I felt bad that she sacrificed a lot of her time for me and Yodhi almost every weekend. From time to time, Noe came with us to the courtside and helped us collect practice balls and put them into the basket. Various Sparing matches with Andre, Widiyo, Andrew and Henry really helped us in developing better doubles teamwork.

And last night, it all paid off. Yodhi never got a double fault (100% of serves in).

We won 6-4, 6-0 against two Americans (Anthony Blass and Dylan Tinker) in the first round of Sony Ericsson Singaproe Tennis Open 2008.

And tonight we are supposed to play in the second ron against #1 seeded pair: Royson Kwan and Arjun Varma. 8.30pm Kallang Tennis Centre.

PS: Raniku, thank you for the support at home! Without your support we would not have a chance passing into the second round :) I love you!


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