Moliendo Cafe by KARIB Gembira

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Singapore's Victoria Hall 2003: Our band KARIB Gembira did a cover of "Moliendo Café" and "Kopi Dangdut" sung in acoustic version:

-Sax: Kirana Asih Widayanti
-Vocal: Askar Hilman
-Piano: Rani
-Trumpet + Conga: Indi Soemardjan
-Percussion: Budiman

*Check out our mariachi-style brass at 2:01

Want more clips?

A cover of "Jerat" (Harvey Malaiholo)
Vocal: Budiman, Sax: Kirana Asih Widayanti, Percussions: Indi Soemardjan, Piano: Meutia Chaerani

A cover of "Rame-Rame" (Glen Fredly) combined with "Voltus V" theme song, sung in acoustic version
Vocal: Askar Hilman -Sax: Kirana Asih Widayanti -Percussions: Indi Soemardjan + Budiman -Piano: Meutia Chaerani


good entertainment & special

not some many people can entertain others outside their routines. it's a good entertainment and fun. it's a very good life i can see here. so special.


Rani and I used to love jamming at home with friends and that's how it got started. Budiman is actually now the leader of a samba hand-drumming group in Singapore. I myself learned conga in des moines, iowa and lastly in havana, cuba. but I am not a master conguero yet.

Loved the interplay

between you and Kirana! Rather short but very sweet. I suppose there are many such bands in Singapore, good to know good music travels far and wide.

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