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Road Trip 2: Jakarta Day 10, Pesta Blogger 2008! from mrbrown on Vimeo. Check out 0:40 minute
Whew, we haven't touched this blog for a long time. Busy busy busy settling down, and I'll tell you about it later, but for now we gonna share our experience going to Pesta Blogger 08 with our two kids. Although we only attended the event for half a day, it has been fun to meet up with people.

When we went to the registration desk to get our invitation, our presence in the blogosphere was disputed because the ticketing guy said that, "You need two different website addresses in order to get registered!". Obviously he didn't know that Drupal and many other platforms support multiple authorship in one website so that we can have two or more authors in one web domain. I didn't see his logic at all. Anyway, I didn't want to argue, so then I changed my stance and told him that Indi has two different website addresses. I wasn't lying, my address would be /stories/rani while Indi's address is /stories/indi. There!

Anyways, when we got in front of the auditorium we were greeted by Mr. Brown's camera who apparently interested with us because we're the only one carrying two babies into the event. Indi and I are Mr. Brown's fans, and we're all Obama's fans too.

Funny thing was that we met our neighbours too. The staff who are working in the US embassy booths are all in the same apartment building as us. We bumped into them several times in the elevator.

I wasn't really paying attention to the speeches because I was busy looking out for people for kopi darat. At the end I got to meet quite a few, while having to divide my attention to put my baby Kei to sleep and to chase Noe around and to accompany him to the toilet for a poo. I'm so glad to meet (in chronological sequence) Enda + Nita, Isman, Donna, Preetam, Satya, Martin, Ivan, Ong from Unspun, Ade from Timpakul, Bangwin and Inggita from Voice of Jakarta, Iboy, Ari, Lina, Lita Mariana + Yahya, Priyadi + Rina. However there was also many people whom I would love to meet who came to the event, but I didn't or couldn't get in touch with them.

Noe had a great time, and he bonded instantly with Enda and Nita's Gaga because they're only less than one month apart. They ran around the auditorium and flew paper airplanes.

One thing I noticed is that many of the bloggers who are excellent writers online turned out to be quite introverted and shy in the real life. Yes, just like me, I too am a very shy person, ... although I'm not a good writer by any means....


keke ke

you shy? Rani....? hmmmmmm... but anyways, do write more! i keep coming here for updates! But know you must be busy! take care y'all

Oh, yes...

... you're shy.

And I'm Batman.

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