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Indi was busy right from the start when we moved here in Jakarta. I haven’t gotten a proper chance to sit down in front of my computer to write things. It’s not that “nothing interesting was happening”. In fact, there’s so many interesting things, too many of them that they got stuck in blog draft, jumbled as incoherent topics. I’m still fascinated by moving back to Indonesia, and still adapting to living here.

Meanwhile, I’m taking Spanish class at UI Salemba and French class at the French Cultural Centre also in Salemba, which were lots of fun, while slowly settling down to Jakarta. I finally have got someone who comes daily to do household work, so, while keeping our privacy in the evenings, I began to have more free time (NOT! The kids need constant attention from me, and Kei sleeps less and less…). Thankfully, Indi has agreed to babysit the kids while I’m away for few hours to the language classes. This way, it is great fun to be full time housewife.

But why do I like learning foreign languages? I’ve always aspired to being a polyglot, taking an example of my dad who’s always eager in learning languages (He even speaks Esperanto and is currently learning Urdu).

I guess writing in indrani.net can help too. Anyway, indrani.net was classified as “Bridge Blogging” Category in Pesta Blogger 2007, which is supposed to bridge Indonesia to the non-Indonesian language world. So I’m planning to begin writing in languages other than English, and no, this is not because of the noble cause of introducing Indonesian culture to the outside world, instead I only want to seriously practice writing skills in other languages. With crappy grammar and limited vocabulary, I’m taking a risk of getting mocked and ridiculed but I don’t care. Heck, I want to write what I feel like writing here instead of what people wanna hear. I hope I can keep the momentum going and regularly write in languages other than Indonesian or English.

Anyway here comes the Spanish edition of indrani.net (coming up in the next entry), thanks to Carolina my Spanish teacher who spent a few minutes to proofread the entries. Dear reader, please be kind to me…


Guess what

one of my former colleagues from where i was working in ET - - his grandfather was one of the founders of Esperanto!

Spanish vs French

French & Spanish! The 2 languages that I want to learn. So which one of the two is more difficult to learn? I heard that once you mastered spanish, it'd be easier to learn french. Bener gituh? Great blog btw.

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