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I am sure nobody misses my blogging but the creator of this website. The truth is: I forgot my login password to our blog entry system. Lame excuse, eh?

I don't work for Vopak Asia in Jakarta. Starting April 2009, I have been taking care of two start-up companies under Ancora Group, which is a new breed of Indonesian organization established by Indonesian entrepreneur Gita Wirjawan.

The first baby of the two is Ancora Sports. Its goal is to develop Indonesian Golf Champions both amateur and professionals, by providing the necessary platforms of training, local tournaments, International events and player management. Under the same umbrella, we run Ancora Golf Institute in Jakarta and Bali where talented golfers receive proper training by our PGA Teaching Pros from New Zealand and Australia. We have a dormitory where our Asian Tour (see: Indonesia President Invitational).

The second baby of mine is Omega Pacific, a music production and distribution company which was set up to serve as a platform for musical talents in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian Region so that they can network with each other as to enrich their creative capacities. If you went to Dwiki Dharmawan's World Peace Orchestra concert in Jakarta recently, you would have seen Omega Pacific logo appear as the producer of the music recording itself. Come to think of it, we also produced Nial Djuliarso's music.

All of the above businesses were founded by Gita himself and all I am doing now is to ensure the babies are nurtured and growing according to Ancora's mission.

Among other things, Gita has also established Ancora Foundation, offering scholarships to Harvard, NTU and Paramadina as well as creating kindergartens all over Indonesia. If you'd like help other Indonesians (or obtain a scholarship to an Ivy League), please feel free to visit the website.

Finally, I have had the courage to ask my wonderful wife for the password to the world of just to share with you what I have been doing lately.



Hi my name is Enrique Lopez. I was looking for my cousine Hector Marquez and i found a picture of him and his brother on your photo album. I have been trying to reach my cousines whom I have not seen in several years. If you are still in touch with any of the Marquez family, could you tell them that his cousine Enrique is trying to reach them.
I live in Austin, Texas and the telephone numbers that I have for them are not current.
You can give them my email address I would greatly appreciate it.
Hector and I lived together in Austin for several years and when he moved back to Mexico we lost contact.

Thanks for you help!

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