2004 Europe

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Table of Contents

  • Day 1: Netherlands, Amsterdam: Meeting our Tante and Stroll around Amsterdam
  • Day 2: Norway, Trondheim: ELOK WEDDING
  • 3,
  • 4
  • Day 3: Norway, Trondheim and Hell
  • Day 4: Netherlands, Den Haag and Delft: Meeting New and Old Friends
  • Day 5: Netherlands, Amsterdam: Lunch with Co-Worker
  • Day 6:Austria, Vienna: Resting with Famliy
  • Day 7:Austria, Vienna: Around old town Vienna, and going to 5-hours Opera
  • Day 8: Austria, Vienna: Around with Nephews and Niece
  • Day 9: Austria, Linz and Weyregg: Off to meet Kathy and Stephan, went to lakeside villa
  • Day 10:Austria, Hallstatt: Visiting the old lakeside town of Hallstatt
  • Day 11:Austria, Tirol: Playing with Snow in the Alps
  • Day 12: Germany, Munchen: Nice Food!
  • Day 13: Austria, Salzburg: Slight Fever
  • Day 14: Austria, Salzburg: Mozart Day, and the Sound of Music
  • Day 15: Fly Home