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Indonesian Music Concerts and Tobacco Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

I am a passive observer of Indonesian music industry and a great admirer of live music performances. However, I find it very hard to understand why large music concerts (jazz or rock or indie-pop or dangdut) in Indonesia are mostly sponsored by tobacco companies.

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A last minute decision, I went to Esplanade to watch Paquito D'Rivera with New York Voices as part of the Mosaic Festival. This decision only arrived 45 minutes before the show started, and I was lucky to get a taxi that rushed there.

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Mass Masturbation by Indonesian moviemakers

What do you see in some of the most recent Indonesian movies? I see a mass masturbation of visual elements, to compensate for a lack of storytelling abilities. Or some may say Indonesian movies have too much icing without much chewable cake in it.

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Indonesia Raya for Orchestra

Sekedar copy paste dari berbagai website supaya informasinya tidak hilang dari web.

" Indonesia Raya" Versi Jos Cleber

MENJELANG akhir tahun lalu, Pak Jusuf Ronodipuro menggamit lengan saya di sebuah konser Addie MS. "Sudah dapat kabar?" tanya beliau. Saya tak tahu apa yang dimaksudkannya. "Jos Cleber meninggal."

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